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Sorensen Funeral Home

July 20, 2022
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The Sorensen Funeral Home has been serving families for many years. We are committed to providing a warm and caring environment for those who are grieving. Our funeral home in St. Petersburg offers professional guidance and support during this difficult time. We have a team of compassionate professionals who are dedicated to helping families create meaningful memorial services that honor the life of their loved ones. We offer a variety of services to choose from, including religious ceremonies, non-religious ceremonies, and personalized ceremonies. We also have a wide selection of urns, caskets, and other burial supplies available to choose from. Our experienced staff will work with you to create a funeral service that is both memorable and meaningful. When a family member dies, their pet is often grieving too. At our funeral home, we understand that pets are often a big part of the family. That's why we created an area for your loved ones' pets so they can be included at the funeral.

Contact Information
Phone: (727) 323-5111
Address: 3180 30th Ave N,, Florida, USA, 33713
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